El X45Pro es el reproductor de música multipropósito de mayor rendimiento del mundo con las funciones de DAC, CD Ripper, Network Streamer, Music Recorder y mucho más para los audiófilos, equipado con el chip SABRE PRO Flagship ES9038PRO DAC que admite hasta PCM 768Khz de frecuencia de muestreo y nativo DSD512 y entrega un rango dinámico sin precedentes, y amplificador operacional de alta velocidad de precisión OPA627BP. Para minimizar los ruidos eléctricos e inactivos, el circuito de fuente de alimentación para piezas digitales y analógicas está diseñado de forma aislada, y el transformador toroidal y SMPS están completamente protegidos con aluminio. Todo el gabinete X45Pro está hecho con precisión con un hermoso aluminio para lijado de vidrio, fabricado por una máquina CNC de precisión. Las funciones abrumadoras y diversas que ofrece nuestro software diseñado a medida desarrollado por el equipo interno de I + D completan el X45Pro como un dispositivo maravilloso para los audiófilos.



  • Features of Hardware and Engineering
  • Equipped with high-performance Quad Core ARM Cortex A9 processor running at 1.0Ghz
  • SABRE PRO Flagship ES9038PRO DAC chips supporting up to PCM 768Khz sample rate and native DSD512
  • OPA627BP Precision High-Speed Operational Amplifier
  • 16 Core Microcontroller with Advanced RISC Architecture for high performance USB DAC function
  • USB Audio Class 2.0 Output built-in to connect an external USB DAC
  • Isolated power source circuit design for digital and analogue parts
  • Toroidal transformer and SMPS are completely shielded with aluminum to minimize idle noise and electrical noise
  • High speed optical disk drive for quick CD ripping
  • Phono Input(Moving Magnet) for turntable
  • 7 inch TFT LCD(1024 x 600 pixels) screen for intuitive GUI
  • DAB+/FM Tuner built-in
  • Giga Fast Ethernet(10/100/1000Mbps) built-in
  • Support up to 8TB(Tera Bytes) storage like 3.5"/2.5" hard disk or SSD
  • Whole enclosure is crafted with beautifully anodised and precisely CNC-machined aluminum
  • Equipped with top-quality connectors
  • HDMI Out connector for an external screen like TV as its GUI screen or audio signal out
  • Versatile Software functionalities and usage
  • Support various file formats like MQA, DSD(64/128/256/512), DXD(24Bit/352.8Khz), PCM singal up to 32Bit/768Khz including 24Bit/192Khz WAV/FLAC and full range hi-res audio file formats
  • Reference-level sound quality delivered by a combination of ES9038PRO Flagship DAC chip and OPA627BP OP Amp
  • CD Ripping with professional CD metadata and album cover art provided by Gracenote
  • Connect turntable and play LP directly to record it via Phono Input(Moving Magnet)
  • Load your vinyl and cassette tape collections, DAB+/FM radio, Internet radio to X45Pro MusicDB via recording function with hi-res sampling rate 192Khz
  • Play hi-res files(like MQA, DSD, etc) in your PC directly through X45Pro via its far advanced USB DAC function
  • High Connectivity
  • Versatile network functions
  • Major Music Streaming Services(TIDAL, TIDAL MQA, Deezer, Qobuz, Napster) and Internet Radio(Airable) available
  • Customized Remote Control App, NOVATRON MusicX for iOS and Android
  • Provides customized WebInterface(WebUI) for remote control and MusicDB management by PC
  • Support 'Roon Ready', which is the famous Music Player for Music Lovers

Cocktail Audio X45 PRO

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